Fresh, sustainable shellfish caught by day boat PW7 in Padstow. A collaboration between Prawn on the Lawn x Murt's Shellfish.

Fish Buoys is a collaboration between seafood restaurant Prawn on the Lawn and 5th generation fisherman Murt's Shellfish. Prawn on the Lawn has won many awards including Seafood Restaurant of the Year and Murt's Shellfish is a family run business that was recently named Best Food Producer at the Observer Food Monthly awards.

We catch, process and supply the freshest wholesale crab to local restaurants, farm shops and delis. Everything is caught by day boats fishing out of Padstow and picked by hand.

For our white crab meat we only use the claw and leg meat resulting in the highest quality product. The rest of the meat is used for stocks, sauces and bisques so nothing is wasted!

Our fresh crab can be supplied either vac packed in 1kg bags or individual 100g tubs. We sell white meat, brown meat, 50/50 and dressed crabs. All our packaging is plant based and compostable or biodegradable.

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